The Talent Solutions Connector is one of the earliest projects of the Network for Employer-led Workforce Solutions (NEWS).

Many employer tables throughout the Chicagoland area have informal methods for employers to share talent solution resources and services with their peers. However, there was no consistent method for capturing and maintaining this information sharing. The Talent Solutions Connector was created to allow employers to share their positive experiences with the talent solutions providers and make new connections to services already available in the region. Built for employers, by employers, the Talent Solutions Connector helps employers find, train, and retain the talent that will propel their business to success. 

The creation of the Talent Solutions Connector was made possible by the collaborative work of Chicagoland Workforce Funders Alliance, Cook County’s Bureau of Economic Development, Origami Works Foundation, and an engaged group of employers. Keeping the employers’ needs and perspective at the center of all work, the Talent Solutions Connector has gone through multiple iterations to create an intuitive tool that connects employers with the service they need. The connections made through the Talent Solutions Connector will foster strong, resilient, diverse, sustainable talent pools that are mutually beneficial with employers and workers.

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