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Employers across the Chicago region are experiencing internal challenges with recruiting, retaining, and advancing their workforce.

Organizations are hearing more frequently about the need for healing-centered practices to address employee trauma and improve employee performance. Not everyone has a diagnosed mental health condition, but virtually every person has mental or emotional health needs that can be exacerbated in a busy or stressful work environment and have become more prominent because of the pandemic and its consequences. The Chicago Resiliency Network is a timely response that puts employers at the center of an effort to create a healing city that acknowledges trauma and hurt from a broad range of sources, past and present. Working and learning together, Network member companies are moving their organizations forward by engaging experts, conducting organizational assessments and taking evidence-informed actions to build healing-centered workplaces that are better for employees and business alike. Over a nine-month period, cohorts of companies of all sizes and representing Chicago’s diversity of industries and sectors, move closer to these shared goals:

  • Employees will feel more supported in the workplace, individual differences will be seen as strengths, and employees will feel more comfortable asking for and receiving support that will help them thrive at work and in life.
  • Retention and productivity will increase, the costs of attrition will decrease, organizations will be more effective as their leadership becomes more diverse, and companies will be better able to deliver on the promise of building more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces.

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